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Cello self sealing bags


clear plastic cello self sealing bags great prices order online free delivery wthin Australia

Are you an e-commerce seller trying to ship items with confidence? If so try out our amazing Cello Self-Sealing Bags. They are very high quality and made from durable cellophane. Some companies who have enjoyed these bags are eco-friendly companies due to the fact that these self-sealing bags are 100% recyclable. Our Self-Sealing Cello Bags are puncture and tear resistant and they layers of the bag provide for extra confidentiality when shipping your items. The pressure closure offers you a more durable way to ship and is also dirt and water resistant so there are no more worries about items getting damaged in the mailing process. The strength of the seam also means you can over stuff the bag to fit what you need to in it. These bags are best for shipping items that are non-fragile. Another great benefit of the Cello Self-Sealing Bags is that they are lightweight so you aren’t paying as much for postage and neither are your customers. E-commerce companies buy our self-sealing bags today with great confidence knowing you will also get free shipping within Australia.

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