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Bubble Padded Mailer Bag


If you are selling products online and you need a way to protect your shipment, then our Bubble Padded Mailer Bags are just what you need. They are flat and small so you can easily store them in your business area. Transporting fragile items such as flash drivers or jewelry can be tough but when you used these Padded Mailer Bags you can protect them from damage. You will also find that these bags are generally waterproof and quite resistant to any punctures that may occur during the shipping process. Every bag is easy to close via a peel strip. This is just another barrier to protect the contents inside of the package you are mailing out. The Bubble Padded Mailer Bags are just the right choice if you are shipping smaller, yet fragile items. We offer free shipping within Australia and for any of your other e-commerce shipping needs feel free to browse our wide range of other shipping materials.