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​Get Your Handy Courier Satchel Bags Here at Pakonline


There are many places that you might shop to get your packaging and shipping supplies. However, many of the local stores don’t carry courier satchel bags which can be very handy. Here at Pakonline you will find that our courier satchel bags are wonderful for use as a cushion inside of your package. This will help you to keep the package you are sending out protected from any damage in the mail.

With our company you will find that we carry a wide range of courier satchel sizes including 600mm x 650mm and 750mm x 900mm. These ones will fit the size for 2 to 3 standard cushions, depending on their sizes. The courier satchel bags that we offer are very lightweight but they are very durable, offering great protection when shipping out your package. Additionally, they are very easy to use and they even self-seal too. Self-sealing is the easiest way to ship as you don’t have to worry about anything coming out of the package when you ship it to your customers. Don’t miss out on our amazing courier satchel bags today!

Order now for protecting your package here at http://www.pakonline.com.au/courier-satchels-bags-1/